Your money — today, and in the future.

  • Learn where you spend money
  • See your balance, months from now
  • Know how much you need to save


Tracking your money removes the mystery of where you spent it all.


A budget makes sure you can pay for everything you need to.


Instantly see how changes to your budget affects your future finances.

What can you do with Spendful?

  • See all your past, and future finances in one page, month by month.
  • Schedule re-occurring items, such as salary and regular bills.
  • Group multiple transactions under a single item, e.g. "Groceries".
  • See your money months or years into the future.

We're all about Trust & Security

  • We don't require access to your bank account, or statements.
  • Everything is private, none of your data is personally identifiable.


…people in over 100 countries.


…in multiple currencies, every month.


…items & transactions per month.

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